July 31, 2008
Democrats going for the gold! Will Obama's $5 million Olympic Media buy pay off?
Did you catch this branding move? Ad Age reports, “In the first significant network TV buy of any presidential candidate in at least 16 years, the Obama campaign has taken a $5 million package of Olympics spots that includes network TV as well as cable ads.”

Beijing Olympics—worldwide event, plus unprecedented exposure to one billion Chinese, no small feat in a global economy. The advertiser line-up includes Visa, Nike, McDonalds and . . . Barack Obama?! Well, the boys back at Obama's camp know: Olympics is good business. But does he fit?
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"Shout out to all my beauty + personal care brands"

Television Series: “The Women’s Show”
Film: “Fame” (Hellooew–remake of 1980 Oscar and Box Office Hit!); Webisodes: “5” (spoof of "24"); Web/TV: "The Jace Hall Show"; Web/Live Events: American Hockey League, Women’s Softball, Arena Football, PRCA Rodeo Events and...
"You've still got a chance to capitalize on the Olympics...
and it won't cost you $5 million!"

Great "Nifty TV" Opp featuring Olympian Jennie Finch!
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If you haven’t read up on branding, social media or Web 2.0, *Personality not included is your perfect Cliff Notes. (BG’s sure Obama’s peeps have read it, but McCain’s . . . ?) Award-winning Influential Marketing blogger Rohit Bhargava, does a great job of documenting the brand successes of our decade from Stormhoek to Microsoft’s Blue Monster to Stacy’s Chips. With a new spin on the use of story, Bhargava says you can put your message out there - but look out control freaks. You better be open to the organic “social” flow – and just run with it. Let the masses do their work! It’s a different branch of education than say Chasing Harry Winston, and it’s an energizing lesson on how to make a brand dance–no wallflowers allowed!  livewire
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