August 7, 2008
Surprise, surprise. CW gets slapped for hitting below the belt with its “nasty” advertising. Again.
“It really reeks of desperation," said Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for the group. The network's decision to "position the show in opposition to the Parents Television Council speaks both to the trouble they've had attracting a decent-sized audience for the program and the fact that they have had to sort of cling to an image of this show as being raunchy, salacious and envelope-pushing in order to lure viewers."

But BG asks: Does the campaign reek of desperation or unfiltered brilliance?
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Aug 7th Casting: Calling all “Gossip Girls” and “Idol” Brands
Film: Remake of “Fame.” The orig picture received six Oscar® nominations. It inspired the tv series Fame which won two Golden Globes; and the stage musical has been seen by over four million. The global success of today’s “Dancing With the Stars”, “Pop Idol”, and “American Idol” points to the resonance of the core themes of Fame.

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And while on the topic of child folk, So Sexy So Soon is a reference for "parental" types who are angered, baffled or simply frightened by how the kids are behaving. Levin and Kilbourne, experts in childhood development, explore the impact of (sexual) media on our youth (Yes, Paris is mentioned) and offer possible strategies to offset the unprotected attacks of commercialism. Its genius in a nutshell? It’s an unruly world we live in today with inappropriate messaging targeting our kids, but remember––it’s the “adults” that are leading the media parade. So tap into your inner parent, set the example and march on! Create healthy ads, environments––and kids!
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