November 21st, 2008
Have you been following the H&M groupies?  
Better question, how could you have missed the crowds as they were lined outside the H&M store in Herald Square last week (and other various parts of the world) for the release of the Comme des Garcons collection? Perhaps you thought it was just another Apple launch. It had that kind of fervor, after all. The groupsters were gathering up armloads of affordable couture and even though the strictly enforced “only two same-style items per person” rule was supposed to deter the velvet-rope crowd from emptying inventory too quickly – shelves were just that. Emptied.
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brand girl's "the green light" spotlight
livewire Look! A book club for folks that hate book clubs!
(Or call it “Extreme Book Clubbing”).
Novel Adventures is a web series developed by CBS in kahoots with GM’s Saturn. The premise: 4 women get lost in books, LA and Saturns. (Lizzie, one of the main characters, is married to a Saturn dealer – so it’s only right that she would get a chance to try out every model in the lot.) It's blatant product placement. It works. It’s also a fine example of playing in the online space to generate fanbase, presence and community. And who knows, the online show could get picked up for primetime, like Sprint and Suave’s “In the Motherhood.” Test drive an episode yourself. But be warned... it’s classic LA – right down to the vanity plates.

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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
     Who doesn’t love a great blood-sucking story?
Freud and his minions would have a field day analyzing pop culture today, what with Meyer’s “Twilight” series and HBO’s perfectly timed “TruBlood” and the fanglike grip they have on our attention. Will the Twilight flick make its mark? With 17 million copies of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling young adult "Twilight"  series floating among our youth and various audiences, it’d be tough to miss–clearly it’s the next Harry Potter. Our collective imagination has moved from wizards to vampires... could this be tied to our economic sitch? Hmm.
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