December 5th, 2008
The boys are back.  
This week, the big three automakers are back in Washington jetless and armed with plans for round two of the bailout chronicles. Before heading to D.C., Ray Young, CFO of GM, made his case on GM's Facts and Fiction ("GM tells it like it is") blog in a last-ditch effort to restore flagging confidence during this “credit crisis.”

Welcome to the era of crisis management. Props to GM as they use the tools of social media to try and avoid hitting the wall. It won't be good that the U.S. automakers collapse–I heard on NPR that one in ten jobs in the U.S. is auto-related. But just like seeing slashings of 40% off at luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman on Black Friday, the world has run amuck. And Detroit isn’t the only thing off its axis. 
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brand girl's "the green light" spotlight
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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
     Trend trackers and setters...
Last month I attended "Future Trends" (an annual conference sponsored by the International Institute of Research) catching up on what’s tomorrow. I heard fascinating insights from many speakers, including Janet Gallent, VP, Consumer Insights & Innovation Creation over at NBC Universal, who razed the myth that “nobody with a DVR watches commercials." Guess what? According to NBC research, 43% of commercials are actually played back by DVR viewers. So DVRs are not the death of TV advertising--they actually capture a very engaged audience, which helps spike total brand recall. And ahem, here's what one blogger had to say about yours truly. Yes, speaker in the house! 
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