January 22nd, 2009
Would you consider five hours of community service to support a local food bank?  Or perhaps mentor a child (significant others don't count!)? So Starbucks asks... are you in?

With his boldly dressed lady at his side, the President proclaimed his tenure to be a "new era of responsibility" and a call to service for all U.S. citizens (and hello... denizens!) to "find meaning in something greater than themselves." Perhaps it’s all that caffeine, but Starbucks was right there ahead of the pack, heeding the new president's words and ready to take on the tall order – and fill it too.
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brand girl's "the green light" spotlight
livewire "Slumdog" got its Oscar nod, but nary a product or brand tie-in did BG see in this sleeper success. Don’t miss your chance to hitch your brand’s wagon to premium branded entertainment opportunities—scan the greenlight or contact Brand Girl now for the latest-breaking possibilities!

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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
     Ok, he's not a brand diva like Suzy Orman or the purpose-driven Rick Warren, but if you squint when reading, you'll get a dose of Oprah's self-empowerment. Richard Paul Evans inspires us to embrace the millionaire mindset: Define and discover wealth, and lesson 5 is all about giving back. Evans provides a classy reminder of how all the little things count and add up. Just like a million cups of coffee or hours of service...
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