Jon Stewart

March 19th, 2009
"If I were a boy, even just for a day, I roll out of bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go..." so says the lyrics from one of Beyonce’s (a.k.a "SASHA FIERCE") popular songs. But if Brand Girl were a [brand] boy, even for a day... she would roll out of bed in the morning and she'd be Jon Stewart.
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brand girl’s "the green light" spotlight
livewire Crest commits!
Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal (whitening kit) stole some screen time in "Sex and the City᾿s" Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, "He’s Just Not That Into You." (btw… I heard some rumor that the intent was to actually have Jennifer Aniston᾿s pearly whites show off the Crest strips, not Ginnifer Goodwin᾿s. But no one should feel slighted. It come off beautifully as both a stunning integration and way for a gal to kill some time – when she᾿s just not that into "him.")

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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
     The Happiness Hypothesis. According to Jonathan Haidt, there are only 3 ways to achieve happiness: (1) Meditation, (2) Cognitive Therapy, and (3) Prozak. In BG’s humble opinion, it explains EVERYTHING -- so she’d love to know your take on it too. Warning... you will need much of your left brain to digest this.
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