August 28, 2008
Don’t fear the screwtop––or the wine in the box!?
About two years ago, I went to a Dave Matthew’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Bottles were verboten, wine or otherwise, but they did have some vino on offer for purchase. It was typical—my usual splurge was going for $88. So to be economical, I went red, opting for the Frei Brothers Pinot Noir at $46. Then, adding insult to injury, I watched them uncork that baby and dump it into a 32 oz. plastic cup. This atrocity was topped off with an offer of a straw.

Synthetics in my pour? I don’t think so...but all indications point to a revolution in what’s accepted in good wine-making these days...
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brand girl's "the green light list"
livewire Tennis anyone? The U.S. Open is in town and so is the Nike-sponsored "Grapple in the Apple." Nike is using the rivalry of our beloved Federer and Nadal to premiere its specially designed 2008 U.S. Open competition apparel and footwear. We’ve got the “Magician of Precision” up against the “Matador of Spin"... and Don King!? Hey now, is this the U.S. Open or the WWF? Nonetheless, the power and range of sports-related partnerships is a love-love, win-win situation, for sure.

Scan the green light list for just some of the available opps to help transform your brand’s message onto center court. Or for a consult on your tomorrow, email brand-girl!

Aug 28th Casting Call
–New! “Tennis Channel” opps!
–New! MTV “Ladette to Lady [working title]”
8 One-hour Episodes – Starts filming Oct. 5, 2008
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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
Outside the wine box. Kathy Griffin knows about boxed wine—she has used her mother’s love of it and its downscale reputation as the perfect foil in her stand-up act for years as well as on the (as she always prefaces it...) “Emmy-award-winning" My Life on the D-List.

Just as Kathy’s self-branding as the ultimate “D-lister” has catapulted her to at least the “B list,” maybe boxed wine will go the same route... Regardless, check out any number of clips of Kathy Griffin on YouTube and watch how owning your status can elevate your brand.
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