September 11th, 2008
The boys are back–and navigating uncharted territory.
Ok. It comes as no surprise to “Entourage” fans that Medellin gets passed over at Cannes, which sends our hero Vince (Adrien Grenier) into seclusion—in true Hollywood form—on a remote island to repair his fallen ego with booze and babes... but getting to watch it all happen while on a romp from JFK to Las Vegas? How much fun can a girl (or boy) take?
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brand girl's "the green light list"
livewire It's fashion week in NYC and look at Mercedes Benz's sponsorship program go! It’s a wardrobe staple in MB’s branding closet that outlasts any passing fashion trend. Love the classics! 

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Sept 11th Casting Call
– New opp! Filmaka
– MTV "Ladette to Lady" [working title]
8 One-hour Episodes, Starts filming Oct. 5, 2008
"Tennis Channel" opps
"The Women’s Show," Television Series
– Remake of "Fame." The orig picture that received six Oscar nominations is back again!
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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
A spoof that rings of marketing genius.
AdAge reports:
"The Virgin partnership isn't the only creative marketing exploit that HBO pulled out for the fifth installment of Entourage. HBO created a viral microsite for 'Viking Quest,' a fictional series featuring Johnny Drama, played by Entourage co-star Kevin Dillon. The site features a video-game version of the fantasy series, which infuriates its star after he realizes he's receiving no compensation for its existence–so much so that he goes on a rant in a YouTube video, encouraging fans to protest the fake game and equally fictional first-season DVD."

Visit the Viking Quest site, and go ahead, try to buy the DVD. But to enhance viewing pleasure, turn off audio. You've been warned.
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