September 18th, 2008
Do the Republicans actually have a brand plan after all? Or are they only “skirting” the issues?
Sarah Palin—coined by the Republicans themselves as a moose hunter, maverick and mom—almost overnight silenced the political and media worlds for a collective breath. Her nomination and speech took the wind out of the Obama and Democratic Convention sails and has made waves bigger than the hurricanes that have been pounding the U.S.. Bad boy ad man Donny Deutsch told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" that "women want to be her and men want to mate with her." He even went so far as to say Palin’s done what Hilary wasn’t able to—celebrate the power of being a woman, and, as he put it, able "to put a skirt on."

Now, maybe Donny managed to wrap up the Palin phenomenon in a pithy soundbite, but time will only tell if John McCain’s pick for VP unfolds to be a brilliant long-term marketing move. One thing is certain–for now, it has worked.
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brand girl's "the green light list"
livewire HP did so well with "Delete or Meet" that they’re back with “The Engine Room,” where it tasks 16 digitally-infused youths to participate in a contest to illustrate how digital (ahem, HP) technology has affected their lives. Take note, folks—the success of these viral shows (both TV and web-based) indicate consumers’–particularly youths’–watching habits. As HP says, “We don’t want it to be advertising; we want it to be real.”   

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Sept 18th Casting Call
– New opp! Filmaka
– MTV "Ladette to Lady" [working title]
"Tennis Channel" opps
"The Women’s Show," Television Series
– Remake of "Fame." The orig picture that received six Oscar nominations is back again!
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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
Palin and Clinton—side by side...
BG can’t help to think that Hilary Clinton is somewhat slighted by Palin’s nomination and apparently the folks at SNL felt the same. SNL ratings indicated that this past weekend’s episode grabbed the largest audience since the 2001 season premiere (three weeks after the attacks of Sept. 11). Was it Phelps? Or the dynamic duo of Fey and Poehler that do justice to all that swirls around the most-talked-about ladies of the race. Whether short lived to November or to actually go on to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, it appears that Palin may do more for women in politics than Hilary’s years of hell-bent campaigning. Just sayin’. It’s worth a looksie…
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