September 25th, 2008
Taking on advertising responsibility–and doing it right. 
Imagine yourself being outspent 5 to 1 by your competitors and realizing your customers’ perception of your brand is simply wrong, name recognition zilch, and then to boot, you’re in a category that’s hardly considered sexy. Buying insurance is not a top-of-mind issue for many (although it should be more than ever these days).

However, one insurance company was able to build a unique campaign that turned all those challenges around—how? By building it around the idea of kindness and generosity. Imagine an advertisement that inspired you enough to send a blue-chip company a few bucks to fund its ad campaign… and then imagine being that corporate giant when that idea actually worked beyond all expectations.
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brand girl's "the green light list"
livewire Liberty Mutual proves that paying it forward
pays off–
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Sept 25th Casting Call
– MTV "Ladette to Lady"
"Tennis Channel" opps
"The Women’s Show," Television Series
– Remake of "Fame." The orig picture that received six Oscar nominations is back again!
Smart, sexy and relevant sponsorships available in all categories. Email BG now.
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brand girl’s diamond rated [media] musing of the week
An irony worth digesting.
The ad boys who gave us “meatnormous” and introduced Burger King’s Double Croissanwich now serve up a diet book: The 9-Inch Diet: Exposing the Big Conspiracy in America. And kids, the book is not a ruse or PR stunt for any of its clients. It appears that Mr. Bogusky and ad partner, Crispin, who contributed to the book, had no interior motive other than to genuinely share insight one only has after swallowing pounds of fast food research from clients such as Burger King and Domino’s. Who said advertising doesn’t have a conscience?
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