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Hey gang, Happy New Year! Okay, so maybe that's old news since now... well it's Valentines. But luckily both are great times for fresh starts - new loves and for following through on deep seated ambitions or in my case, threats. Did you notice the lwk haircut - our new look? Darling, huh? Yes, Kwas and team have been busy changing things up. Kinda of like Queer eye for the design eye, yet, too much to reveal in just one show, so stay tuned.

> keeping warm
Enough with the single digit degrees. It's time for the multi-digit investment in something other than a shearling coat, a Mercedes perhaps? Yes, Kwas Inc has finally hit the road to cement the threat of a bi-coastal presence and has set up camp in Los Angeles, specifically Santa Monica, a.k.a the fast becoming mecca of the digital media industry. Rubbing elbows out west will no doubt increase both celeb and tech vocabularies, but you didn't have to leave NYC to get the skinny. Just last week, I was back east to attend McGraw-Hill's much touted Media Summit, where I heard from the likes of Ivan Seidenberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon Communications to ad man Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide at Saatchi & Saatchi. This year's focus was on the world of Mobile entertainment, and what it means to create revenues and venues within that marketplace. The mobile no doubt will offer companies more creative opportunities in which to reach their audiences - whether it be content in forms of web "tv" programming or interactive games. But it was also refreshing to hear that companies and networks like the Sci-Fi channel are still focused on perfecting the tools of today - be it podcasts or blogs in creating interactivity with their fans and having much success. There was great discussion and debate at the Summit as to how it would all unfold tomorrow, but there was one thing all the media giants were in agreement on today: Technology needs to catch up to enable such visions by overcoming the cellular hiccups of yesterday - like hello, the infamous and dreaded "dropped calls."

> putting it out there
Yes, it's common knowledge that I have been preoccupied the past several months with some entertainment projects, and for those of you keeping tabs on me (and for some - score), I can finally offer you a little tease. Meet Brand Girl. Could it be Kwas the author, social mediainista or just simply a girl with experience? Who knows, but what I do know is that Brand Girl is a brilliantly designed book and example of how brands can be integrated into unique story lines. Brand Girl: Lessons on Leadership, Love and the Media Universe is a modern primer on leadership illustrating how there's much to be learned by observing brands and the brand choices we make. Although entertaining, she's not your normal chick-read. Brand Girl is instructive and her first person meditations on branding will showcase three things: What makes brands into leaders, how Kwas grew into Brand Girl by doing what the brands do, and how great branding can improve your leadership, your love, and your universe. We're moments away from publishing this little experiment because a. she's cuter than a pet rock, and b. she has caught the eye of some literary folk, but rest assure that one way or another this Brand Girl will hit the market. And you too will learn why Apple and Mercedes are brands to love, Oreos are the perfect food, and why George Clooney is the high water mark by which we should measure all men.

> stirring visions
Great things are traveling west, like Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow. Housed in the Normadic Museum, a.k.a. shipping containers and other "unexpected materials," the setting makes for much an architectural trip as it is a cultural one. A touching show, Ashes and Snow captivates all senses by combining textures, still and moving images, art installations and the written word. It's indeed multi-dimensional, yet a simplistic look at the natural dance between humans and animals. Set against the expanse of the ocean side and flickering lights of the Santa Monica Pier until May 14th, it's truly worth a spin.

Cora's Coffee Shoppe Cora's Coffee Shoppe Although a stone throw away from staples like Shutters, Casa del Mar and the all-too-hip Viceroy, Cora's is the place to power lunch. But don't let the tiny diner ambiance fool you, restaurateur Bruce Marder of the famed Capo (literally next door) creates beyond the greasy spoon fare that will satisfy all, whether hankering for smoked salmon, Kobe beef burgers or a Caesar-to-go. More frugal than its swanky neighbors, the outdoor patio setting is classic, and if you squint, can be reminiscent of an outdoor cafe in NYC - traffic and all.
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