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> the trimmings
Okay, okay. I've been ridiculously silent, I know. Still consumed with the acclimation of Brand Girl and Kwas to Los Angeles. Talk about brand upheaval. But now that I've weaned everyone off the need to mapquest about, discovered that tailoring on Fairfax won't cost a Hybrid, and secured a fabulous apartment, that isn't carpeted, wall-to-wall –– I feel grounded, armed and able to get beyond the flirtations of the land of make-believe. (EEK! Did I say that out-loud?!)
      The more entrenched I become with this quasi-city that sprawls across many miles, micro-markets and an average household income that is among one of the nation's lowest, the more I see the surrealism that looms as largely as the current Dali exhibition at LACMA. Yet there are still seemingly huge pockets of unjustifiable plush cropping up. Smart Car has leased a storefront on Abbot Kinney, adding more imbalance to an already off-the-charts Venice. The Blu on the outer, outer edge of Beverly Hills is clamoring for the likes of a trust funded Brand Girl, and Richard Meier is building out an eight mile kingdom that only a Diddy and entourage could possibly afford. The luxury market prevails in the city of tinsel. And these apartments are slowly filling up. Surely someone local must be buying in. But whom? Certainly, not the writers...

> the quarreling
The only thing that is currently advantageous about the WGA strike, is that you can just about get any table at any restaurant in L.A. Can we say Osteria Mozza? I'm all for folks stepping up for self, and defining boundaries that are grey (especially ones that lean black into the other side's pocket). But frankly... if the strike does go on much longer, will the short-term loss sustained on a personal level by the picketing crowd make up for the long-term gain? Never-mind the trickle down effect that is already in affect.
      My sources tell me that most of the agencies will not be having holiday parties, expense accounts have already been cut, and more unemployed bartenders are prowling the streets with the already unemployed actors, –– and a striking Tina Fey. In other words, the Grinch is coming to town for Christmas. Now, the WGA strike in 1988 did effect the networks with billions of losses, but today with an evolved business model, would they again be vulnerable to such loss? And given our fondness for on-demand entertainment -- youtube, Netflix, and Ze Frank –– does their audience really mind a "time-out" on new programming, and the chance to play-catch up on Tivo? And what about the paying sponsors? At recent upfronts, we've seen them heavily balk at the pricey prime-time TV media buys as more effective and cost-efficient distribution channels open up. When momentum to the industry was halted during the last strike, among much -- we lost Moonlighting. When the smoke finally clears here, will there be trees? Or like the recent fires in southern California, will lands be barren? And if so, where will everyone be planting their seeds?

> the roasting
The democrats are roasting the democrats. The republicans are roasting the liberals. They're all roasting Hillary, but Steve Colbert -- is roasting us all. I remember once upon a time, that politics were (or was?) considered a serious subject, of high reverence. Like the Sex & Sexuality class that Sister Mary Austin taught back in High School. But seriously, how can we take any of this seriously. Seriously! Politics or a nun talking about sex! It just occurred to me that running into a presidential year doesn't help the WGA's effort, because I must admit, the hazing of candidates that filled the broadcast waves is much more entertaining then this season's Grey Anatomy. By time the Nov 2008 elections roll around, I predict, America will be bored of every candidate, confused on almost every issue (i.e., don't we already have nationalized health care?) and ultimately slap happy enough to elect Paris Hilton. So I say hell! Get those writers and Steve Colbert back to work! And support Colbert! He's witty! He's cuter than Paris! And unlike all the aforementioned, he's spinning cause IT'S HIS JOB.

Pizzeria Mozza It's not often I'll dive into a pizza, braised lamb shank, or a lasagna for that matter, but when Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery fame is manning the ovens, and New York Chef Mario Batali has a finger in the mix, does a girl really have a choice? The highly energized and scenic Pizzeria Mozza is a five star lunch pick. Yes, it's that good. Reservations claim to be hard to get, but I have two words for you: "late afternoon." And O, don't pass on dessert. Or the amazing wine list. They only do full pours, as in a glass and-a-half. Now there's a reason to be in L.A. xo
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btw – Happy Turkey Day! And don't eat too much stuffing!! xo
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