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What's the sound of fall? It's not the rustle of autumn leaves gently drifting from the trees, or the crisp snap of biting into a tree-ripened apple. It's the resounding thump of ad-packed magazines landing on my desk. It's great to see ads again rivaling their editorial counterparts for prime space. Nice work, those of you who are back in the mix, taking advantage of a barren field and getting heard. Kwas Inc is doing our part for the ad economy, with our recent work on behalf of United Technologies. Kwas Inc helped establish their new brand platform, which has led to the recent work currently blanketing the city and its various periodicals including The New Yorker. See our UTC work on our newly-re-launched web site (

It's not all fun and games — it's all games. Yes, that was the buzz at this year's Digital Hollywood conference that I recently attended in Los Angeles. There was much talk in Holly wood about how the relatively young video gaming industry is gaining speed and credibility. In many cases, games drive sales of the movies, and in some cases, games out-gross their movie counterparts. Numbers are so high that many studios are now negotiating gaming deals prior to a movie's release, and are even requiring that cast and crew participate in a game's creative development. Last year, sales of games and their accoutrements outpaced the movie industry at $10.3 billion, and this growth shows no sign of slowing down. For advertisers and brand mavens, the key to reaching this growing audience is infotainment. It's about utilizing interactive tools as a way to integrate and deliver their message in a well-planned experience that goes beyond a blatant product placement. This truly sounds like fun.

Surprise — Yanks lose! Like everyone, this girl hated to see her team go down. Emotions aside, you have the big-money Yankees, a world-recognized brand with a World Series track record. Then you have the smart-money Marlins, formerly a relative unknown but now a household name. Like any brand-building effort, the lesson is that it's not how much cash you throw at something but how you throw it. And money can't buy things like passion, chemistry and crunch-time performance. However, big money will keep the Yankees in the mix. And we'll find out about the Marlins. Take heart, this gal will be in the stands rooting for her Derek—I mean her team. For more, see Kwas Inc's windup and pitch to Major League Baseball.

lunch with Kwas
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