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Close your eyes, and you’ll see red and green…but it’s not just about the holidays. ‘Tis also the season for stop-and-go – whether you’re facing traffic lights, end-of-year budgeting, or just trying to get one last proposal out (and close one last deal!) before 2004 dawns. Kwas Inc has our own end-of-year madness in progress. Our corporate headquarters, Kwas Space, is usually booked during the holiday season as an event location. But this year, the space rental program outdid itself – and Kwas Space has been fully leased from now until 2006. Meanwhile, the loft lives on with James Trulove’s profile of Kwas Space in his book “The Smart Loft.” ( The Smart Loft) The book, just off the presses from Harper Collins, profiles “lofts that highlight three kinds of smart: smart technology, smart materials, and smart design.” So, don’t stop those holiday cards coming to our current address, while we go on the prowl for what’s next.

Rudolph! Those antlers! That nose! Not sexy enough? This season, retailers are experimenting with spicy ways to buzz consumers and stimulate sales to avoid yet another blue Christmas. Old-line retailer Marshall Field's is banking on Carson, the fabulous fashion maven from Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” to cut through the noise. So far, Marshall’s reports gay tidings on both numbers and customers. On the other side of the coin, we’ve got Abercrombie & Fitch and FCUK losing business due to their risqué holiday ad efforts targeted to Gen Y. So advertisers are doing it differently, some are winning, and some are losing — what does this all mean? You need to take the pulse of your customer, and to know when new becomes old for them. And maybe sometimes, sex doesn’t sell. But being sexy does. Just remember to look all ways before you cross the line, and know when to stop.

Kwas Inc was recently asked to prepare a pitch for a company with interests in the aerospace industry. Our interests in stars and planets generally run more to the George Clooney and Venus-in-the-house-of-Mars variety, so we buckled down and did our research. One piece of information made us stop and think: this year, evidence surfaced that once, long ago, the expansion of the universe slowed down...but then it picked up again, within the past seven billion years. As one astrophysicist put it, it’s a stop-and-go universe. And the fact that we’re in a “go” is worthy of a toast as we all launch into 2004. In fact, it kind of makes a girl want to expand her own universe...

lunch with Kwas
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