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Ok, everyone - group breathe. Yes, itís a new year, marked not only with promises of fresh starts and clean slates, but itís typically the time of the fabulous "White Sales" at many department stores -- when all the basics like sheets and towels go on sale so we can all stock up on what's important. Itís also a time when many companies are thinking about their own "basics" -- their brand, logo, corporate identity. So now seems like the most appropriate time for Kwas Inc to host our own White Sale. Through February, the Kwas White Sale offers 10% off standard rates for our branding work - your chance to clean up. If your logoís a little threadbare, or your corporate image is starting to yellow, check out our scope of services and email Kwas for more.

The WSJ recently reported on a "health-food executive" who was sentenced to15 months in federal prison. His crime? He bought regular donuts, repackaged them as low fat, marked them up and resold them to diet-conscious consumers. He was caught when consumers complained to the FDA that the donuts were too delicious, and the FDA discovered that the donuts contained four times as many calories as labeled. In most corporate crimes, the calories can't be so clearly counted. But these wrongdoing executives from donut-man to Martha Stewart have an important legacy. They are ensuring that developing and communicating integrity will be of growing importance. And they are teaching consumers that if it tastes too good to be true, it probably is.

We spend a lot of time and money polishing up our outsides: hair, clothes, and fitness. But what about our insides? Iím talking about the body-to-mind connection (stay with me, folks), energy levels and that internal flow that needs to be supple, not stagnant. Well, good news. Thereís no immediate need to fly west and log in a full week at one of the transformation spas that are as prevalent as Starbucks. The Exhale spa in New York City offers "Mind + Body" classes that promise to re-align not just your abs, but your energy levels, too. Itís a scrub, wash and rinse for your aura -- all in less than an hour.

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