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OK, kids, let's define "luxury." And I mean re-define, because after all, everything has new meaning, and I do mean new. First, age 40 was the "new 20" -- and now $50K is the "new luxury." And no, I don't make this stuff up. This spring, we developed a presentation for the American Express Luxury Summit 2004 (of *course*, luxury has its own summit). According to the wrap-up from that party, the "New Luxury" luxury consumer is moving ahead full-throttle. As a group, they're 47 million households strong, are making more money then ever, are spending more than ever (on themselves I might add) and you guessed it…are predominantly female. Luxury has never been so affordable -- it's sparred a spending boom and, with a 15% annual growth rate, a very optimistic future for this industry: targeting $1 trillion by the end of 2010. Kwas Inc has the more than a little experience with this market, so call us if you want to tap it, but do it quick -- the market's taking off like a Boxster ramping onto the Autobahn.

Attention fellow entertainment junkies: please pull over and devote your full attention to the coming TV season. Last month, the sultans of primetime television announced their fall programming and pricing. And…the reviews were mixed! The hum around Hollywood is that network buys are no longer the Mercedes of media plans they once were. Why? Well, cable channels like HBO and Bravo with their long list of successes (hello, Blow Out), continue to break new ground in creating strategic and reasonable buys. Media folks can no longer justify the expense of broadcast TV given that cable, broadband and syndication are fast becoming a viable option. According to panelists at the recent ANA Advertisers' Print Advertising Forum, these rapidly rising TV ad costs are also bringing resurgence to magazines and newspapers - print planning never looked so good. What does it all mean? I'm guessing that if the big boys don't pay attention to the fast and furious very soon, they might very well lose their place in the HOV lane.

It's summer -- and it's time to hit the road for some funky fun. What's one to do to keep those wheels turning? For a refreshing alternative to the Hamptons, cruise on over to Brooklyn's now-cultured Coney Island. We love her for her antiquated charm, but thanks to Creative Time, a non-profit art agency, the old lady got a much-needed lift. The agency let loose a team of 20 established and emerging artists, The Dreamland Artist Club, who literally painted - signs, murals, rides - the town. Tours highlighting the work will be running all summer long. Whirl on over, take a spin on the big wheel and star in your very own sideshow.

Enjoy your summer, recharge those batteries, and remember to live by the immortal words of a hedge-fund wunderkind: "remember, kiddies, I lead and the rest of the world follows..."

lunch with Kwas
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