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Fellow citizens, is it just me, or do you recall when “talking politics” was -– for lack of a better term (pardon that pun) - politically incorrect? Seems ironic that today it’s now politically incorrect “not” to talk about politics and “not” to take a stand. The ramification of voicing such opinions raises new hurdles. Whether I’m nursing Martinis at Pravda or pitching an account – a girl has spent much of her time carefully navigating this active mine field. Missteps during these multi-party discussions can be - and trust me - are .explosive. Attempting to evade the recent collapse of its beloved sports team, *sigh* the topic is extra hot in the Big Apple. It’s terrific seeing the nation showing greater than usual interest in its most important “brand choice” and rousing passions that resemble the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry. With all the pre-election noise it will be interesting to see if the silent majority (the half of those eligible who don’t vote) walks the talk and takes it to the polls, or once again stays quiet.

Yeah - I get to be political! So let’s talk about the campaigns themselves. Let’s face it, political advertising is politically incorrect and worse then that – ineffective and just awful. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – but for almost 50 years, political ads have been based on attacking, counterattacking or some combination. They continue to defy the proven law of “less is more” in effective communication and cram a morass of issues into their precious 30-second spots. Plus, everyone’s messaging is the same as the pollster is king. I say - enough with watching these boys sling the palatial mud! Don’t tell voters what you think they want to hear. Tell them what *you* can do and back it up. Ahhh…for the refreshing candidate who is willing to embrace the truth, even if it includes some harsh realities. I haven’t heard one yet, have you? It might be time the world of politics is subjected to the same scrutiny recently placed on the actions of our corporations and financial institutions. Ok, girls off the box. Check these links for more. Joshua Green's "Dumb and Dumber" and William Benoit's "Myths."

Had your fill of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911; it’s rebuttal, Michael Moore Hates America; and their ensuing dramas? For something refreshing in the political genre - how about stepping back to like 1972? I recently viewed The Candidate, a film written by Jeremy Larner starring Robert Redford. I recommend it not as a classic work of art, but as a storyline that foreshadowed what was to come. Back then the movie was coined a satire - now it’s called a prediction. I’m curious to know if 30 years from now the political flicks of today will offer the relevant insight found here. I also wonder if Michael Moore will be as appealing to watch as Robert Redford.

So that wraps up this party. Tomorrow’s the big day and everyone should exercise their right to vote and lets’ hope that the best gal - I mean guy wins...

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