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Never mind being bi-coastal, I think it’s all about being bi-hemispheric! I have been seduced by another city and no - it's not Los Angeles, it's Buenos Aires (BA). I was fortunate to spend the New Year Holiday there pursuing more than just the tango and - hola: the girl was tripping all over opportunity! Despite the rumors, the only thing unstable was "una chica" in her new tango heels. From cultural riverside conversions in Puerto Madero to the chic bohemian invasion in the barrios of San Telmo and glam shops of Palermo – the Porteno's (natives) are "mucho calor." Rebounding from the 2001 collapse, the economy is on a definite upswing. The signs of globalization are all over with Asian, Western and Eastern European currencies helping underwrite major projects. Interesting though is the absence of our almighty dollar despite its power over the peso. Given its multi-national populous, international cuisine and cosmopolitan flavor, BA has the opportunity of becoming the Big Apple south. Hmmm. Kwas Inc: BA? I'm just thinkin' out loud here...

So who's capitalizing on the Buenos Aires Buzz? As a confirmed real estate-aholic and hotel junkie, it didn't take me long to skip on over to a Philippe Starke venture, Faena Hotel + Universe. Stark’s efforts here are ten times over those in the Ian Schrager Hotels. It is ultra over-the-top, yet so worth checking out. Starke deserves all types of credit, besides his given mastery in design, he is always in the forefront of the next move - he is so "tomorrow." From the stores of Target to spaces in Buenos Aires or his recent project in lower Manhattan, Downtown by Stark, this man is there first and continues to set trends in every arena. Hype and unconventionality aside, there is much value here. He's a perfect example of living your brand and plowing forward, successfully. Seems there’s never enough, now he's going to give those of us in branding a run for our hard earned bucks with his newly established The Key. As much as I dislike it when a guy steps on my toes, I have to give this one the nod - he certainly has rhythm.

And speaking of rhythm, it's Valentine's Day, so why not let your feet do some talking? Yes, I'm speaking the language of tango. Ok, so it is a seemingly simple yet deceptively difficult dance where things like walking can trip you up. But it is an expressive art and there's no faster way to your partner's heart. Gentlemen, here's a gift that you can control, after all you get to lead. And ladies, on occasion, isn't it nice to be led? If switching hemispheres, check out Lets Tango or for local milongas (gatherings of tango enthusiasts) and classes, Dance Tango. Yet, if striking the pose seems like too much, Aires de Tango offers the spectators view. Sharing any performance will certainly get a rise.

lunch with Kwas
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