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Kwas has been thinking a lot about the music of sound lately, as we've been working for the Tucson, AZ-based Arizona Hearing Specialists. These audiologists help the hearing-impaired find relief using the latest technology. Our research uncovered the startling statistic that half of all hearing loss - 10 million cases - is noise-induced, and preventable. Now, I love the sounds of the city more than anyone. But lately, it seems I can barely hear my tango music over those pesky car alarms. Organizations like the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse give advice on how to combat noise problems in your area… and keep your sense sharp.

Barbie Pink? UPS Brown? Think Kwas Green. Our friends at Pantone (of the color Pantones) are currently sponsoring the "Sensory Branding & Color Symposium" hosted by branding maven Martin Lindstrom. His latest work, BrandSense, is featured in Fast Company magazine (a "Launch with Kwas" client) as a "revolutionary new book that will change the way we work and live." He argues that today's branding campaigns are all based on two senses - sight and sound - and that to succeed today, your brand needs to become a "five-sense phenomenon." While all brand trends have their day, perhaps now is not a bad day to do a sniff-test: how does your brand touch, taste and smell?

Riding in one of New York's squeaky-clean new subway cars is almost enough to make a girl wax nostalgic for graffiti. It's been mostly underground since Mayor Koch declared war on taggers in the early 1980s. But when you put their work in a gallery, is it still illegal vandalism, or is it elevated to art on the order of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat? Decide for yourself by viewing San Francisco native Barry McGee's sensory graffiti at Deitch Projects. Barry gives a firsthand account of "the vitality and chaos of the streets" - a sensory experience to bring home to your own streets.

lunch with Kwas
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