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Just when you thought that summer was over, and it was time to stop having fun and go back to being a responsible citizen...welcome to the sin issue of lunch with Kwas. Here, we celebrate the virtues of good living.

As much as Kwas Inc would like to slothfully make our way thru these final days of summer by doing nothing more than imbibing and vibing, we're not. It's a sin, I tell you. But lucky for us, it's a delicious one. At the urging of a budding Tribecan restaurateur, we've been indulging ourselves in the hospitality industry at large. Through our research, we've learned that this girl is not the only one with an insatiable appetite for great food, bevvies and atmosphere. According to the National Restaurant Association restaurants are "a cornerstone of America's economy...the nation's largest private-sector employers, generating an annual economic impact of $1 trillion." Talk about gluttony: on a typical day, average nationwide sales are 1.4 billion strong which can translate to big sales for the savvy owner. We also learned that in the hospitality industry, there is much steam to be vented. And not just by the customers pulling oddities from their soups and sending back their martini's to be shaken for the umpteenth time. The guilty-pleasure site Shameless Restaurants enables restaurant employees to vent their anger by sharing secrets about employers. Is your local favorite restaurant treating its employees right? Know before you go!

Summer was the time to kick back and chill, watch that baseball game or attend the family barbeque, opening frosty Heinekens and grilling those dogs - turkey or otherwise. It's mindless activity at its best. But America's pastime is no longer about "hey, can you pass the mustard?," - it's "hey, shuffle up and deal. Are you in or not?" America's supper tables are being cleared faster than kids can be placed in their Pack-n-Plays. We are poker-crazed. It's downright scary. All walks of life are tuning in to watch the celebrities, pros or amateurs play, and then they are gathering at their own tables to try their own hand. This gal was recently force by her fellow sibs (yes - peer pressure) to trade in some tango nights for poker ones. Can we say stack envy? (Does a girl now require a private poker coach?) But the players aren't the only ones trying their luck and winning monster pots. With demographics including the hard-to-peg and highly sought-after 18-34 year-old males, marketers and advertisers are placing their best bets on this group. It's the most socially acceptable form of greed around. I've always known that queens ruled. But learning poker has its benefits - and is now a highly-coveted skill set. You have to be ready, regardless of playing poker or not, for whatever hand you're dealt. Besides, who doesn't love going all in?

Are you just oozing with pride? Do you just like to hear yourself speak and tell that story again for the umpteenth time? Or do people flock to you like ants to candy? If you have a desire to be on stage and tell that story again, but are in need of a new audience, have I got a venue for you. Think story-slam. Check out Moth. It's a NYC location where onstage performers tell their own personal stories...ah, sweet vanity. Be warned: one of their hints is to steer clear of meandering endings. Your last line should be clear in your head. Otherwise, it just doesn't look good. The end.

Sin City = New Orleans. We love their music, their food and their culture. Now it's time to show that love. Give to the Red Cross or the charity of your choice to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

lunch with Kwas
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